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SAMY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, which was founded in September, 1980 to participate in design business of Industry Plant and Generating Plant and Power Plant, has been acknowledged to develop the design technique of nuclear power plant, coal-fired thermal power plant, heavy-oil thermal power plant, combined cycle power plant, and other energy-related business into the level of developed countries.

As a major technical cooperation company of Korea Power Engineering Company, Inc. (KOPEC), we had took part in the design tasks including YEONGGWANG Nuclear Power Plant #1~#6, ULJIN Nuclear Power Plant #1~#6, WOLSONG Nuclear Power Plant #3 and #4, TAEAN Thermal Power Plant #1~#6, DANGJIN Thermal Power Plant #1~#4, HADONG Thermal Power Plant #1~#6, YEONGHEUNG Thermal Power Plant #1~#2 and other Combined Cycle Power Plant beginning with the field design of KORI Nuclear Power Plant #3 and #4 and had become the company with abundant experience and technical skills. In addition, we have been participating in Generating Unit Maintenance Business since 1999 and striving to upgrade the maintenance quality with various design experience in industrial facilities, chemical facilities, emulsion system, desulfurization system, waste water disposal plant, and distric heating.

All executives and employees of SAMY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. are doing our utmost to satisfy our customers by sharpening up our experience and techniques built up for the last 40 years.

, 2019 CEO Byun, Hee-Seon